Sliding Glass Doors

Our sliding glass doors are the ultimate combination of technology and design. From computer engineered framework, to our smooth low-profile design, our sliding doors capitalize on precision machining to achieve a functional and appealing product. Elegance is incorporated all the way down to the welding stage, where our fusion welding process produces incredibly strong welds that are smooth aesthetically pleasing. Our triple interlocking seals prevent rain, dirt, and intruders from getting in. All of our Sliding glass doors feature hardened steel security deadbolts for added security protection too.

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Fiberglass Doors

Our fiberglass doors are hardly fiberglass, to the naked eye. Our precision molding process adds real wood grain to the surface, which adds the beauty of wood without the splitting, swelling, and warping you can expect from wood in our harsh Arizona climate. Not only are our fiberglass doors beautiful and tough, they also save you money on your energy bill every month by using foam core technology that insulates 5 times better than wood. Fiberglass doors are also a better option for security than wood, and teamed with our multi-point locking system provide exceptional protection.

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Steel Doors

Paragon Steel doors are one of our easiest options to achieve a beautiful entry. Choose your glass, surface texture, and one of our 26 different finish colors to get the exact door you want. Our paint is oven cured to ensure a long–lasting and brilliant finish. Complete your steel door by adding a mail slot, door knocker, or a combination of dozens of different hardware accessories. Our professional steel door installers can recommend the perfect door for you, perform all the necessary measurements, and install you new door quickly. We will even remove your old door for you.

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French Swinging

Beauty and elegance are now made synonymous with security and durability by our French swinging doors. Now you can have the beauty and convenience of Malibu swinging doors while maintaining a safe and secure home. Our French doors pass the California Forced Entry (CFE) resistance tests with flying colors. Speaking of colors, our French swinging doors come in 9 different colors, and are backed by Hoppe Resista™ Lifetime finish hardware.

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French Sliding

Want beauty and comfort that will last a lifetime? Our Malibu French sliding doors are built to last while offering customization and elegance rivaled by no one. Our Infinite E-Plus glazing system creates a beautiful finish, while our fusion welded corners provide strength and a water-proof seal. To provide the smoothest operation possible, we incorporated oversized dual rollers with sealed ball bearings into the sliding mechanisms of all our French Sliding doors. With the CFE seal of approval, our sliding doors have everything covered.

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