Bow & Bay, Casement Windows, Specialty Shapes

Bow and Bay Windows

Create a focal point in your home with a custom-built bay or bow window, the most inexpensive room addition available. Open up any room, expand your view and bring in the light. Your brand new interior will transform the look inside and out.


Bay windows augment the dimensional look of your home. Bay windows offer sharp 30 degree and 45 degree angled windows to a central picture window that projects from the interior of your home. You can also choose to customize your flanking side windows from double hung or vented casement styles.


Bows offer added style to your home. A bow window is created by the angling of four or more casement windows in a rounded design. This softer appearance gives your home a more elegant exterior. As with Bay windows, you can also choose to customize your flanking side windows from double-hung or vented casement styles.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are the perfect choice for providing your room with maximum daylight and ventilation. Casement windows also provide the following benefits and features:

Easy cranking mechanism with folding handles that opens the sashes for ventilation and ease of cleaning

Contains a multi-point locking mechanism that provides maximum security

Can be assembled horizontally or vertically

The newly redesigned Slenderline Casement Series blends elegance and rugged durability in one, two and three-lite styles.


Specialty Shaped Windows

Choose from a variety of specialty shapes to customize your home. Available shapes include:

True ellipse

Ellipse top



Right triangle





Extended arch