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Argon Gas Between Windowpanes- Is it Worth the Hype?

Argon Gas Between Windowpanes- Is it Worth the Hype?

Some window companies may tell you that spending money on argon gas between dual windowpanes is a waste of money, saying that the gas leaks out within one year. What those window companies do not tell you is why the gas is leaking because it is a flaw in their design. Most windows have a spacer that reduces the effectiveness of the seal keeping the gas in, resulting in a slow leak. However, Anlin windows use a spacer specifically designed to keep the argon gas inside the windowpanes without any leaking.

The benefits of argon gas are simple: it keeps the heat out during the hot Tucson summers and keeps your house warm in the winter. This results in better energy efficiency which significantly reduces your heating and cooling costs. Talk about a return on your investment!

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