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Window Spacers | Tucson Window And Door

Window Spacers | Tucson Window And Door

The purpose of the window’s spacer is to separate the two glass panes in the window. It is bonded to the glass panes with some type of material that creates an airtight space. Most spacers have been designed to withstand the different seasons on the east coast; keeping the seal closed in the summer and winter temperatures. In Tucson, the temperatures in the summer months far exceed those of the east coast, and the temperature can change 30 to 40 degrees in a 24-hour time period. Because of this, many of the types of sealers used for windows in the southwest fail. Read on to learn more about the types of seals and the best option for your home.

Squiggle Spacer: This kind of spacer is a hot melt seal that bonds the two panes of glass together. During the hot summer months, the seal begins to liquify and then “runs”, causing the seal to no longer be airtight.

Aluminum Box Spacer: This type of seal uses aluminum material, which is very conductive. When the spacer gets hot or cold, that transfers between the glass frames, causing windows to fog.

Intercept Spacer:  This type of spacer uses butly rubber to secure to the glass. When it gets too hot, the material essentially melts, causing seal failure.

Designed specifically for the type of climate only present in the southwest, we use a two-part “super spacer”. This spacer uses a molecular bonding adhesive that never loses its adhesion, regardless of the temperature. It will not melt or conduct heat.

An example of seal failure in a window extracted from a home in Tucson

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