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The Pros & Cons of Different Window Frame Types

The Pros & Cons of Different Window Frame Types

When choosing the best window frame type for your home, it is especially important to consider the factor that could cause the most damage: the weather. In Southern Arizona, the extreme heat and direct sunlight can easily warp and discolor a window frame, as well as impact your energy bill.

  1. Aluminum

Pros: Long lasting & less expensive

Cons: Not energy efficient. Highly conductive, bringing heat in during the summer and taking heat out during the winter.

  1. Wood

Pros: Customizable.

Cons: Costly.  Require continuous maintenance and upkeep.

  1. Fiberglass/Composites

Pros: 800x less conductive than aluminum.

Cons: Costly. Weak joints make them susceptible to leaking, resulting in possible wall and stucco damage.

  1. Vinyl

Pros: Non-conductive, requires very little maintenance, versatile

Cons: Domestic vinyl cannot be used on the West Coast, only European vinyl can.

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