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Why Custom Windows and Doors are the Best Option for You

Why Custom Windows and Doors are the Best Option for You

When considering window and door replacement, it is hard to decide where to purchase your windows. You could purchase the products from a big box store that has the product in stock, giving you new windows and doors the day you go to buy them. You could also choose to get custom windows and doors that are built specifically for the openings in your home. This option does not allow for you to take home the products purchased the same day, but it does have numerous benefits. Here are the top 4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors.

  1. Standard sizing options are limited

Not every opening in your home may be a ‘standard size’. While some may work with a ready-made window, others may not. This means you must buy different windows for different openings. There is no guarantee that the windows will all match or that you can find an already made window for your home

  1. You get to choose the color and style

Want a colorful front door? Most ready-to-purchase doors only come in a few standard colors, so if you aren’t looking for white or tan, you may be out of luck. Depending on the color and style of your home, you may want to choose a color and finish that matches.

  1. Different home applications may change the size you need for your opening

Depending on the material of your home, a standard window or door may not work best. While it may seem like a standard product will fit in your home’s openings, the application of your home (stucco, wood, brick) may require a slightly larger or smaller window or door.

  1. You can customize your glass

Custom glass can mean adding details that are more in tune with your style, like grids or shapes. Did you know there is so much more you can choose from? For windows in your bathroom, you can choose obscured glass that maintains privacy without always closing the blinds. Have a window that always lets in a glare on your TV? There is an option for a darker, tinted glass too!

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